Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To Unpack, Or Not To Unpack...

Adam and I have almost finished packing up all of our stuff from the previous apartment and moving it into our new townhouse. I'm okay when it comes to packing--fairly organized, very motivated, and rather eager. Unpacking, though, is a different story. Now, when I bring in boxes and stack them all around, I do check that there is space for Oliver (my darling dog) to get around comfortably and so that he doesn't feel crowded. Then, of course, I unpack the things I need: bathmats, bed linens, kitchen supplies, clothes, etc. After that, though, I'm afraid that I get rather bored with unpacking. Currently, there are a LOT of boxes surrounding me, but I've magically found ways of procrastinating (i.e. job-hunting, soccer-watching, hot chocolate-drinking,!).

So, to counteract my procrastination, I'm going to make it my goal to fully unpack three boxes today and to move all of the downstairs boxes into the spare bedroom upstairs. (Also, with the the last goal, it'll look like I've done more work than I actually accomplished!) So, does anyone have any other motivating tactics that can help me finish the unpacking? Any and all suggestions would be appreciated! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hello! I decided to try a new adventure and blog a bit about my life, love, dreams, and ideas. As of now, I'm still sorting through this whole blogging thing, but I imagine I'll master it eventually.

In the meantime, my blog title is from Shakespeare (surprise, surprise!). So, go and find said quote and feel free to comment on why you think I chose said quote and/or if you like it!

Cheers! :)