Sunday, May 29, 2011

Double Rainbow, Copeland-style

Virginia has had many storms and quite a bit of rain this spring. Good for the plants, I suppose! Adam and I were out house-hunting in the middle of an afternoon shower, but then the sky cleared up as we headed back to our townhouse. As we drove home, we spotted a single, perfect, bright rainbow. That's always cheerful! So, thanks to the iPhone, I snapped a few pics.


rainbow over the road

It kept getting stronger.

And, then, could it be?
As we drove through Bridgewater, VA, there seemed to be a double rainbow forming??

So, as Adam drove, we started looking at the sky more closely.

Here's my husband, driving carefully and searching for rainbows!

Some definite double rainbow action starting to peek through...

A graveyard double rainbow--money shot!

yes, the double rainbow is strengthening!!

And, then, because I'm a little crazy, I decided to take a short video of this beautiful double rainbow! :) Keep in mind, we're driving 40 mph or so, and I'm a bit of a "woo" girl at the end....because I'm crazy like that!

Oh, what a fun day! I love tracking rainbows with my husband! :)

Eva's Baptism

My beautiful niece, Eva Claire Bull, was baptized in mid-May. I was lucky enough to be able to fly to Indianapolis for the weekend! :) I got to see my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and niece. My parents and brother came down for the weekend as well, and I got to even see one cousin and his wife and adorable boys. It was great, but I was sad that Adam couldn't come with me.

When I arrived, we got to relax together on a beautiful summer day. And, later, we even went swimming later at the hotel where my parents were staying. (I hadn't brought a suit, so I got to be the official photographer!)

What a sweet summer outfit! My mom made the whole thing! It's amazing!!

Sweet sleeping time!

Ethan, with his haircut and new toy

Ethan told me he wanted to try to make an "old man" face.
Did he succeed?

What a cute swimming suit!

First time in a pool! Future Olympic swimmer??

The group swimming up a storm.

Eva looks surprised by all this water!

Grandma's trying to warm up Eva.

On Sunday, it was time for the baptism. I am Eva's godmother (just like I am for my 5-year-old nephew and Eva's brother, Ethan). My brother, David, was the godfather. Fun, fun! Eva wore the baptism dress that has been in my family for four generations! After the baptism, we went back to the house for lunch and cake! Yum!!

She really wants to get out of the christening dress.

My mother-in-law made a wonderful baptism cap to match the dress
and mailed it to my sister! :)

Grandma, Eva, and I

Proud grandparents with their granddaughter.

The godparents with Eva.

Picture of the whole crew and priest.

A godmother always takes pictures with her godson.

Brother and sister in church.

A lovely ladies shot in church.

My sister made and decorated the cake and the cupcakes with crosses on them.
I decorated the crazier cupcakes...including one spiderman cupcake for Ethan. :)

Of course, I did have to leave after the weekend. But, it looks like Ethan will stay with Adam and I a bit over the summer, so I can't wait for that!

A smiling niece!

Ethan's sad that I'm leaving :(

My wonderful nephew!

Congratulations to sweet Eva! I can't wait to see you again!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

San Antonio Trip: Day Seven

So, this title is a bit of a lie. Our original spring break trip was just going to include San Antonio. However, due to the birth of my lovely niece in January, Adam and I decided to extend the trip and take a quick jaunt to Indianapolis instead of heading straight home. So, this is the tail-end of our trip and, to keep things organized and clear (for me), I just decided to title it accordingly. :)

I have the cutest nephew. That's right.

So, we flew from San Antonio into Indianapolis and spent the night and the next day with my sister (Annette), brother-in-law (Chris), 5-year-old nephew (Ethan), and 2-month old niece (Eva). It was so great to see them! Being an aunt is the best job in the world and I wish I lived closer to my favorite niece and nephew.

We went to Joe's Crabshack for dinner because Ethan and Annette both love crab legs. I think they're pretty delicious too! :)

Ethan, ready to feast on crab legs.

Dessert-time at Joe's Crabshack. This was a messy dessert, but delicious!

Also, during the day we spent with them, we went bowling. I forgot my camera, but it was Ethan's first time bowling so it was a lot of fun. Things started really getting crazy in the second game when we taught Ethan backwards bowling. :) Other than that, we just relaxed around the house and got in a lot of holding time with Eva.

Uncle Adam taking care of the kids. Ethan always poses for the camera!

Too cute! Whose hair is messier?

Me, with Eva (proud papa in background glad to have a minute's rest)

My sister with the freshly washed Eva (they just re-did the looks fantastic!)

Took a few final pictures before we left. I get to see them this weekend for Eva's christening! Yay!

A happy aunt with Ethan and Eva

Aunt Cathy, Uncle Adam, Ethan, and Eva!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

San Antonio Trip: Day Six

Our last full day in San Antonio was a busy one. We walked to HemisFair Park (site of the 1968 World Fair) and looked at some of the artwork and waterfalls there, and then walked back to the Riverwalk, grabbed a bite of lunch, and left the downtown area of San Antonio.

On the grounds of HemisFair Park

Where does this door lead?

I thought this was a pretty carving.

At the base of the Tower of the Americas

San Antonio's Tower of the Americas

I'm pretending to nap...walking around is hard.

Yummy Mexican! We split the margarita. The queso was spectacular!

Next up, we went to Gruene, TX to meet Adam's cousins, Tim & Jackie and their cute little kids Naomi and TJ. We met them halfway between Austin (their town) and San Antonio. Gruene is a quaint old town with some good wineries (Adam and I picked up a bottle!) and a well-known dance hall. Adam went there with friends several times when he lived in San Antonio, so I'm glad I got a chance to see it! We wandered around the antique shops with Tim, Jackie, Naomi, and TJ, so that was great fun!

Driving to Gruene.

An artistic Gruene shot (if I do say so myself).

Very true signs.

The famous Gruene dance hall.

Copelands in Gruene Hall

I tried to get Adam to dance for me....but he refused. kinda.

Lots of beautiful planters

Naomi, showing off a botantical treasure.

T.J. smiling in the stroller

We tried to get a formal picture, but settled for informal instead.
(Jackie, Naomi, and Adam)

When in Texas, one has to try on cowboy hats.

Wow--this hat's a big honking hat!

Adam chose a very funny hat! Naomi looks like a cowgirl.

Why, look who is in Texas! :)

Then, early the next day, it was time to leave San Antonio. Sad. :(

Our fantastic rental car!
(Thank goodness Adam drove...triple boo to SA traffic.)

Sad to leave San Antonio...

Bye-bye, San Antonio! We want to come back soon!!