Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We really loved LOST.

My husband and I both started watching LOST when it began....but we didn't know each other, and wouldn't know each other for several years. When we did meet, and discovered our mutual love for LOST (as well as Alias!), it felt rather magical. :) We married and happily watched the last season of LOST together, but we had booked our honeymoon during the LOST finale!! Oh no!

We had a back-up to DVR it in case we missed it, but luckily our Dominican Republic hotel had American cable, so we were able to see it on time. Crisis averted. We were both so super-psyched for the LOST finale that, all during that day, we talked about our favorite scenes, characters, memories. We also decided to go a bit crazy and use the video function on our cameras in order to make some tribute LOST videos.

[Note: My husband is going to edit these (and others) to make more proper videos, but I couldn't resist showing the raw footage. Ok, I resisted for a few months...but I just looked back on them, and they're too funny for words.]

I hope you enjoy them, and that you appreciate how truly LOST-crazy we are for devoting some of our honeymoon to these videos. We had a blast making them!

First, here is one of the first scenes between Kate and Jack, as Kate sews up a cut on Jack's back.

Second, Charlotte has been reacting badly to the time-travel and frequent flashing. Her brain isn't holding up too well and (voice-over) Faraday is concerned.

Last (for these purposes), the Man-in-Black and Jacob meet on a beach for one of the most illuminating LOST moments ever. Gosh, I love the Man-in-Black!

(Final Note: No real blood was used in the making of these videos. It's Fruit-by-the-Foot!) I hope you laughed at least a few times...we know that we aren't actors (though Adam is better than me, I think!).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Food, Glorious Food!

My husband seriously spoils me. He's an excellent and creative cook, and he genuinely likes figuring out new dishes. When I was younger, I liked to bake...and I still like to make muffins, cupcakes, pies, etc. However, real food is much more different. I get hungry, yes. But I don't want to do the work to actually make stuff. Hence, while in grad school I would just heat up frozen pizzas and other simple dishes.

Now, though, Adam and I plan out menus and we cook together. I'm only Adam's sous chef...I'm good at cutting vegetables and the simple tasks, but he does all the complicated boiling, frying, baking stuff. And I just LOVE that my hubby puts so much time and energy into cooking for us. I'm eating healthy for the first time in my adult life, and I'm actually eating three square meals. (Which, for anyone who knows me, is a miracle. I'm the queen of skipping breakfast and saying that Cheetos+Hostess cupcakes does a meal make.) I'm so lucky to have my husband. Here's a picture of him being an awesome chef!!

So, as a tribute to him (and to make everyone so hungry that you just HAVE to plan a visit to the Copelands soon!!), here are some of the fantastic meals that we have gobbled down.

Some yummy homemade guacamole dip, and taco salads are in the green bowls!

Here's an upclose picture of some of our stuffed tacos.

Here's a BLAT (bacon/lettuce/avocado/tomato sandwich). Serious yum!!

The biggest problem is that I always forget to take pictures because I'm too excited to chow down! I promise to post more pics of delicious food asap!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Caesar Augustus

Goodness gracious, I love this month! August just means pure happiness and joy to me. One, it's my birthday month! Two, it's hot as all-get-out and adore hot weather! Three, school usually starts during this month, and the excitement of learning and getting new school supplies, and starting fresh notebooks filled with your thoughts is just amazing!!!

Yes, the 8th month just has it all. And, thanks to a strong sense of self (or an embarrassing degree of self-adulation) my favorite numbers have always been 8, 23, and 79 (my birthday...yeah, I'm not that creative). I do remember being a bit broken-hearted when I found out that October really was the "8th" month; my sister is an October birthday, and I was a little peaked to realize that she technically "owned" the 8th month. Luckily for me and my silliness, I love Roman history, so I appreciate Julius Caesar deciding to own his whole birth month...and his successor Caesar Augustus deciding to do the same. That kind of confidence and power is pretty amazing and amusing. I mean, let's not give Julius too much credit--he still should have watched out during the Ides of March and listened to his wife. However, both Julius and Augustus chose wonderful, hot, amazing months...and managed to continue a strong empire while they were at it.

History is simply grand. Also, while I'm in an odd mood, I love the "ae" of Caesar (though when it's actually joined together, that's the best...I just couldn't figure out to do the joined character for this post--does anyone know how?). I have often thought that I'd love to name a child something that joined those character. My thought was Aemalia (a combination of Amelia and Emilia), but I don't think Adam is so keen on that particular idea. Does anyone know some names (boy or girl) who use the "ae" character?

Finally, here's a picture taken a couple of years ago of some fabulous August birthday girls: Grandma, my cousin-in-law Mary, and me! :) Happy August!!!