Monday, September 28, 2015

Gwendolyn, Month Five

 It's been an amazing five months!! Gwendolyn just steals my heart everytime I see her. And, since I see her A LOT, my heart is getting stolen pretty frequently.

Stats: She just broke 16 pounds!

She's a grasping master! Great at grabbing my hair.  :) Shestill sleeps through the night most nights, but, with teeth incoming, she has had a few restless nights here and there.  Boo. But, overall, she's still just AMAZINGBABE with the sleeping.

She's sitting up quite well, when we place her sitting up. So, she has the balance and the interest in being upright, but she's not able to push herself into a sitting position yet. Still, it's fun to see her looking all around, interested in the world.

She's been wanting to eat for quite a while. She loves to sit with us at the dinner table and mimics bringing food to her mouth. We gave her rice cereal and she's been having fun playing with it. I feel like my milk production has had more dips recently, so I'm actually thankful that she has a little more nutrition coming in from a different source. I've also given her sweet potato and avocado, but she doesn't really eat too much. She wants to imitate us with having her spoon and dipping it and bringing it up to her mouth. But when the food comes in, she just gets this surprised look like "I didn't know I had to do any more work!" I'm sure she'll get the hang of it soon, and I'm not worried. I wasn't even going to start solid foods yet but she just wanted to be a part of mealtime so much!

She's a rolling master! Rolling all over the place and seems to have it mostly under her own control.

We adore our little Gwendolyn.