Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Captain’s Log, Day Twenty-Two

A ship’s chaplain once confided in me, “When the world sinks into darkness, may love light your way.”
Here at HMS Copeland, we had relatively calm waters. An electrical lapse caused Capt C a jolt of anxiety during a discussion with scholars. And the natives worked in equal parts to terrorize and heal one another.
Capt C joined the Sorensen18 Fleet for a Captains’ Quorum this evening. Conversing, swilling grog, sharing laughs—it was a ray of sunshine. Thank you, Admiral Hazard, for convening us.
The stories from other ships are what matter. When a fellow captain is hurting, I want to tack starboard, bring supplies, watch natives, deliver hugs. In the absence of normality, though, glimmers space. If we choose, every day dawns with new ways to connect, to care, to create.
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay distant. But love creatively.
One of my favorite ships in all the ocean is in rough seas. I’ll be praying for their captains and crew. I believe that light is still present in the darkness, and love doesn’t see light or dark. Love is more like ocean water, surrounding all and connecting ships even when the lookout in the crow’s nest can’t glimpse a single thing on the horizon.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Captain's Log, Day Twenty-One

Capt A deemed today Pirate Day, and the natives were tasked with constructing a brig, building a (safe) campfire, designing cartography to result in treasure, composing jaunty sea shanty, and swimming with crocodilians.
The natives unwittingly locked a door leading to the ballast room. Capt C cast dice to resolve who would unshackle the door. Though it required prodding, a systematic exploration occurred, and the natives achieved success.
Both captains performed multiple ship-to-ship calls, but this also meant a lapse in maintaining discipline aboard HMS Copeland. The female native donned warpaint from Capt C's stores; much scrubbing was required for her ablutions.
Afternoon sunshine and mandatory calisthenics, delicious suppertime grub, and marvelous novel ended the day on a positive note. The captains' work, though, is not yet terminated for the evening.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Captain’s Log: Day Twenty

Capt A labored in his quarters for many hours this day. As a result, Capt C scampered between all the ship’s levels, balancing ship-to-ship calls, scholar queries, and the complaints of natives.
The natives, garbed in nightshirts throughout the day, are equal parts restless and reckless. Raucous actions hold more allure than complying with standard nautical hierarchy and regimens.
Essential supplies from an InstaCart Rowboat arrived to replenish our stores. Despite the collapse of our ship’s social order, we appreciate our good fortune to have supplies and maintain our health. Wishing every ship out there fair weather and safe passage during this turbulent time!