Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Captain’s Log, Day Twenty-Two

A ship’s chaplain once confided in me, “When the world sinks into darkness, may love light your way.”
Here at HMS Copeland, we had relatively calm waters. An electrical lapse caused Capt C a jolt of anxiety during a discussion with scholars. And the natives worked in equal parts to terrorize and heal one another.
Capt C joined the Sorensen18 Fleet for a Captains’ Quorum this evening. Conversing, swilling grog, sharing laughs—it was a ray of sunshine. Thank you, Admiral Hazard, for convening us.
The stories from other ships are what matter. When a fellow captain is hurting, I want to tack starboard, bring supplies, watch natives, deliver hugs. In the absence of normality, though, glimmers space. If we choose, every day dawns with new ways to connect, to care, to create.
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay distant. But love creatively.
One of my favorite ships in all the ocean is in rough seas. I’ll be praying for their captains and crew. I believe that light is still present in the darkness, and love doesn’t see light or dark. Love is more like ocean water, surrounding all and connecting ships even when the lookout in the crow’s nest can’t glimpse a single thing on the horizon.

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