Friday, April 3, 2020

Captain’s Log, Day Fourteen

I know what banshees sound like.
The natives can sense the tension onboard. The male native yelled that Capt C wasn’t his instructor of record. The resulting conversation ended poorly for all parties.
Nature provided some respite. Capt C and the natives planted hyacinth bulbs in the forward deck. The natives created a game that involved running down a steep hill. They aided Capt C in replenishing the land desecrated by our mangy cur, Miss Penny.
Capt A decided to host a wrestling match with the natives. He boasted that they tried to bring him to his knees, but he never wavered. According to his verbal log, all parties emerged with feelings and limbs intact.
Capt C talked with scholars late into the evening, yet still found time to plan for the natives’ birthday celebrations, both happening in the fourth month in the 2020th year of our Lord.
Send strength. And fermented grapes.

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