Sunday, October 21, 2012

Babies For Obama!

Latham and I have been lucky to meet Kia and her son, Chase. Kia and I have a lot in common, including our interest in re-electing President Barack Obama. We also both like to assume that our babies will follow our particular political views. (This may not be a smart assumption, as most of Latham's extended family happen to be for the "other side." Adam and I are proud outliers--informed outliers, of course--but, still, we have different views than our parents. Let's hope Latham doesn't follow that trend!)

Anyway, thinking positively, Kia and I purchased these adorable onesies for our adorable babies. We hope that the pictures can somehow, someway reach the Obamas in the White House. We love the Obamas, so it would be AMAZING to have the Obamas respond to our enthusiasm. If there's someone you can forward this to in order so that someone else can forward it and it can eventually reach the Obamas, please do so!

Without further ado, here's a Babies4Obama photoshoot!

People *aren't* voting for the President! It's shocking!

Friends and political allies for life!

Biden on the left, and Obama to the gaffes in between!  :)

Every hair on my head supports Obama!

This hat brings the outfit together.

Chase rocked the hat!

Chase rocks the vote!

In the end, these friends love chatting about Obama, listening to their moms cheer on Obama & Biden during debates, and.....

trying to steal each other's shoes.

Well, they are babies after all. :)

GO OBAMA! We are in the Shenandoah Valley (Harrisonburg, to be precise) in Virginia, and we are voting for YOU! Please send some love to our Obama Babies!