Thursday, March 13, 2014

Latham's Birthday Party: Preparations & Decor

[This should have been posted in April of 2013. It wasn't. While I was prepping for Latham's 2nd birthday, I discovered this oversight. Oops.]

I told myself that I shouldn't go crazy for Latham's first birthday. But Pinterest and excitement and my husband's excitement and Disney-mania all contributed to me going all-out for Latham's birthday party.

This post is about the prep and decor, since I thought it was rather nattily done. :) Hey, it's my first attempt at a first birthday party (and I'll never have another first attempt), so I tried to make it GREAT!

The guest book

I made that! Whoa.

My parents brought their extensive Mickey Mouse collection.

The birthday boy's smash cake.

All the food items had cute names!

Mickey's Chicken Nuggets
Remy's Fine Cheese Platter and Lightning McQueen's Chex Mix

Magic Carpet's Hummus Spread

Finding Nemo Crackers and Winnie the Pooh's Honey Graham Crackers

Pizza Planet Pizza Rolls

The Apple Dumpling Gang's Tray

Timon & Pumba's Food

Bullseye's Dipping Troughs (honey, BBQ, and honey mustard)

Maid Marion's Pink Lemonade

Tramp's Meatballs

I think the birthday boy liked it!  :)