Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kernels of truth!

We're excited to announce Baby Copeland: The Sequel will be arriving in late April 2015! Yes, we waited a while to have another because Latham exhausted us. We're giving him a sibling to play with and calling it quits, though, because WE. ARE. OLD.  #twoanddone

How did this happen? Weren't you just complaining about your body failing?

Yes, it's true. I can be overdramatic sometimes. Now, I'm not going to tell you how it happened (ask your health sciences teacher), but I will say that I'm grateful for modern medicine. Adam and I started trying in May, but nothing happened. I kept getting more and more run-down and exhausted in June. I also had some severe abdominal pains. I had an emergency appendectomy in 2007 and the pain had been reaching appendicitis levels. So...I thought that maybe I was a freak with two appendices. (Granted, I read a lot of books that have multiple appendices...maybe that's why it seemed a possibility! Ha!) I also had missed several periods but wasn't pregnant.

The doctors did several tests. And, for truth, I had a blood pregnancy test on July 17th and was NOT pregnant. That's confirmed by science, y'all.

Several more tests plus an ultrasound discovered some issues! I had an ovarian cyst, which had blocked one ovulation cycle and messed with my body on at least another cycle too. Plus, I had hypothyroidism. The cyst has to just be monitored (and had reduced during my last check-up). I was put on medication for my thyroid. Oh yeah--and I broke my foot too. (It was unrelated to the cyst & thyroid, but I broke it a few days after I found out about those other problems.)

My period never came in August, but I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Wild! I had some blood pregnancy test confirmations and they're monitoring my blood and baby closely because of my hypothyroidism. I had to have an early ultrasound because they had no idea when I conceived because of all the medical issues. But they determined my due date to be April 21, 2015. Of course, I think we ALL know that this baby is meant to be born on April 23rd! Huzzah!!  :)

Ever since week 6 hit, I've had horrendous, debilitating nausea. I don't think it's quite what the Duchess of Cambridge has, but it's darn close. I haven't had to have an IV (yet) or be hospitalized. I had this with Latham (from weeks 6-16), so I'm not very pleased about having 2 more months of this. UGH. My students found out before most of my friends just because I would throw up in the middle of class and kinda thought I needed to explain that. Crazy.

Of course, during those brief respites when I'm NOT sick, I'm terrified that something has gone wrong. Luckily (?), the nausea has always come back rather quickly. I was scared to announce before 12 weeks, but am glad that Adam and I decided to share our happy news.

Latham is excited to be a big brother! He's very interested in the baby and kisses my stomach before bed each night. He's going to be a great big brother! I'll upload a video in a little bit.

Thanks for all the prayers, positive vibes, and cheerful wishes headed our way. This family of four (plus Oliver) feels very lucky and loved!