Monday, February 29, 2016

Gwendolyn, Month Ten

This was a rough month for us. Gwendolyn was sick and then just not sleeping well AT ALL. After many, many sleepless nights, the doctor suggested melatonin. And it has been so very helpful.

Gwendolyn has cut several teeth (two on top, another one on bottom)...except they broke through the gum and still haven't fully come in yet. So weird. Latham's teeth always just popped in, fully formed, but hers are taking SO LONG to grow through. Poor baby.

She's amazing. She's crawling quickly (except when she's entered in a Diaper Derby--then she'll just sit and smile beatifically at the crowds). And she loves to stand up and pull up and walk with her walker. She's so proud of walking around like everyone else.

 She's the most cheerful, smiling lady (even when she was up at night, she was always happy). We love seeing how wonderfully Latham and her play together. She's also just simply the snuggliest bunny. She always wants to cozy her head against our shoulders.

Ten months of perfection, right here! Let's hope the good sleep continues. (Melatonin for the win!!)