Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy birth day to Eliana Rose!

Congratulations to the happy parents, Luke and Laura Copeland! Their beautiful daughter was born super-early this morning. I know that they're exhausted but that they are celebrating such a happy, blessed day. Since Latham was also born early in the morning (2:57 a.m.), I was able to think of April 7th as my "pain-day" and April 8th as the "glorious, wonderful, awe-inspiring, cuddle-day" of Latham's birthday. I hope Laura can do the same with August 1st versus August 2nd.  (Bonus: I plan to use April 7th in future years to get Latham to do tasks/chores/not argue/etc.)

L+L named their daughter Eliana Rose. I had to look it up, but Eliana (el-ee-AH-nah) is of Hebrew origin meaning "God has answered." It also is related to the Greek "Helene" and Old French "Elaine," so I already know that my newest niece is going to be quite the lovely, smart, successful gal.

Luke--great job of supporting Laura during the birth. Start figuring out how to scare off all the neighborhood guys. (My brother-in-law Chris recommends--for my other niece, Eva--not letting any boys talk to her and/or deploying her brother as a shield. In that case, we could loan you Latham.)

Laura--I barely remember the first few months. NOT because it was a blissful haze (though I hope it will be for you!), but I know you have a lot of people near and far to lean on. So lean on all of us! And please let me know how I can help. I know that you'll love motherhood more and more every day. Also, tell Luke to take a couple of feedings here and there--you don't have to do it all!

Eliana--you just keep growing strong, healthy, and gorgeous. We absolutely can't wait to meet you. Latham already smiles whenever he sees you. We'll be teaching him your name right away.

Love and smiles to you, Nashville Copelands!