Monday, July 20, 2015

Gwendolyn, Month Three

This has been a fun month for Gwendolyn. She's been smiling so much and is very active and involved in her world. Her smile is captivating and deliberate; it's absolutely adorable. She routinely coos and the sounds she uses just make it seem like she's on the verge of talking. I know that's crazy, but she just sounds so grown-up and connected to it all. Her hair is becoming more and more amazing!

Her daddy was away for a little bit this month and she got to be with Mommy and Latham. It exhausted Mommy but she was a good little girl. She seems fascinated by her very active toddler brother; Adam thinks that they can't wait to team up together for mischief and mayhem. Latham calls her "my sweetie-pie" and is excited to hold her and help with her.

She's had a fun month. She was baptized in mid-July.

 Gwendolyn wore a pretty dress that her mom had worn and her mommy's mom had worn.She got to have two bonnets. The one on the left was a sweet present from Adam's mom and the one on the right is from my mom's side and is made from some of my Grandma's wedding dress.

 She's also improved her sleep. We pop her in the miracle blanket swaddle between 8-8:30 pm and she has been sleeping until 4, 5, or 6 am! Wowsers! It hasn't happened the whole month but, especially when Daddy swaddles her, she sleeps good!

She has only gained a little over a pound this month. That's fine, and she's still in the 80th percentile at 13 lbs, 3 oz. However, her brother had gained three pounds over this same month (and weighed a little over 15 pounds) so I worry if I'm not producing enough hind milk or whether it's because she IS sleeping through the night and maybe that's a bad thing. However, I've been assured that every baby grows a little differently. She was in the high 90th percentile when she was born, but maybe she's not destined to remain on the high end of the scale. And that would make sense when you look at her parents. As long as she IS gaining, I'll be happy and I'm excited to see how my little girl continues to develop.

Be warned, I'm getting a shipment of hair bows in today. The month four photoshoot may be more decorative! Here's G's face when I told her the news.  :)