Saturday, January 3, 2015

A whole new world...

We found out the gender of Baby Sequel....

One day before we left for Disney, we found out that we were having a girl.

It was a little tough on me. I wanted another boy, and I was happy to tell that to anyone who asked. Why did I want another boy? Well, I adore my son. I also have scoliosis very badly and know that it is more likely to be passed on to a daughter rather than a son. I am nervous about potential girl drama and dating and body issues and being a good female role model and more and more. I'm not good at dressing kids all cutesy. I don't have bows or ribbons or jeggings or barrettes for little girls, and I don't know if I can do that. Oh, and I dislike the color pink.

Ok. Whew. So there's that. And I cried a little bit at the ultrasound upon hearing that it was a girl and having all these thoughts run through my brain (plus the hormones). Adam was excited and thrilled, but he downplayed his enthusiasm because he knew how much I had wanted a boy. However, he sent me text messages that day listing reasons that a girl was great news. And he reminded me that we're lucky the baby is healthy and that I'm doing well.

When we told Latham, he cried and said that he wanted a little brother. But, in just a couple of weeks' time, he has made a major transformation and now he wants to hug baby sister and kiss her and can't wait her for her to come. Baby Girl Copeland is going to have the best big brother in the universe, that's for sure!

And I'm doing better with the concept of a girl. Yes, I'll have to adjust my expectations a bit, but I don't have to conform to the pink jeggings-bows-etc parameters. And I do have the chance to show a girl that girls are good at science and brilliant at math and can rule the world just as much as (if not more than) guys. So that'll be fun.

It's nervewracking, but Adam has been spectacular, as usual. He's the best dad. Period. And the best husband. I know that he'll be just as brilliant with a girl as he is with Latham. But I am excited to see how he balances the two and if he will get wrapped around her finger as easily as he gets wrapped around Latham's finger.

All right. Well, there's the news. I'm 24 weeks along so I'll be excited to enter the third trimester in a little bit. Here's hoping that I and Baby Girl keep being healthy!