Monday, October 26, 2015

Gwendolyn, Month Six

My girl has been outside of the womb for half of a year! That's astonishing to me at times and completely unsurprising other times. I remember life before her but I love what she contributes to our family now.

Gwendolyn's 6-month stats...
17 lbs (Most babies have doubled their birth weight by now but, uh, she weighed 9 lbs, 5 oz so it's kinda hard to double that in 6 months. She's healthy and in the upper 50th percentile)
26 inches (in the upper 50th percentile) long
16 inch head (this was a she initially had a bigger head than Latham, but it looks like she'll have a smaller head after all like her brother and mommy--'course those measurements could be slightly off too!)

Poor sweetie had a cold this month. Luckily, it didn't go into her chest or ears or even throat, but the snottiness in her nose did cause us to have a few sleep-deprived nights. The Nose Frida helped, as did ibuprofen, and I've been hoping that my breastmilk will deliver some help for her too.

Her babbles have increased in frequency and variety of sounds. It's so much fun whenever she decides to chatter. I can tell that she's not going to be shy about voicing her opinion.

I'm counting this as the month she said her first word. She says "da da da da", but especially when she wants Daddy to be with her. Someone asked me if it hurt my feelings that she didn't say "ma ma." NOPE! Girl loves her daddy and there's nothing wrong with that. Plus, logically, she sees me all the time and we talk about Daddy and Latham. So I know I've said "Daddy" to her lots more times than "Mommy."  :)

She's rolling quite a bit, but still hesitating on crawling. Maybe she'll go straight to walking or scooting. She loves to sit up and attempts to move from a seated position.

Her smile just pours happiness on the recipient. She's calm and happy most of the time. When she gets upset, though, oh, the tears do flow. But, she'll usually get all the tears out pretty quickly and then be right back to my chill babe.

She's so interested in the world around her. Loves watching people and animals and toys. Of course, her brother gives her a show all the time. He loves his "Baby Gwendon" and is thrilled to help in any number of ways. Recently, he's started reading her "Goodnight Moon" at bedtime and both siblings really seem to enjoy their time together.

 Gwendolyn brings love and laughter to my life! Happy six months!!