Monday, August 24, 2015

Gwendolyn, Month Four

G's stats:
weight-14 lbs, 10 oz (75th%ile)
height-25.75 inches (95th%ile)
head size-15.75 inches (25th%ile)

This month has featured some new things for the little G. She's been rolling every now and then. Adam and I have each, separately, witnessed G rolling from back to belly. I think that she can do it, but doesn't really feel the need to do it. And that's fine!  :) She has been ramping up the rolling, more and more, though.

In more sad news, G was sick for the first time. She had some terrible coughs and I took her to the doctor. Although she was diagnosed with just a cold, I was still glad I took her in. She was better in just two days, but I'm an overanxious mommy.

She's still an amazing sleeper. When she was sick, she woke up twice during the night. That's it. A couple of days she's woken up once during the night, and went back to sleep with a pacifier or some rocking. However, most nights, she just sleeps from 7:30/8 until 6/6:30. Frankly, I'm amazed. I think Latham made me doubt that anyone could have an easy baby experience. But Gwendolyn IS easy, and sweet and happy and just about the most perfect baby imaginable.

She's a budding linguist. She likes the "h" sound and it almost sounds like she's saying "hi" and "hey." So that's funny. It's perhaps not that odd, since she hears her brother--all the time, and in the loudest volume possible--talking, talking, talking. But it's impressive.

She's very interested in food. She sits at the dinner table and watches us. She's recently started bringing her hand to her mouth, just like she's using a spoon. I didn't necessarily want to start her on food early but she obviously wants to join us so we might give rice cereal or some veggies or avocado a try soon.

She loves chewing on her middle and ring fingers, rather than her pacifier, now. And she'll lay patiently in her crib or sit in her chair or exersaucer and chew while I do something. She's so chill.

She loves looking at and examining the world. Her brother shows her all the wild, noisy things one can do in life, and she just soaks it all in. She grins a mile wide whenever her daddy enters the room.

I adore my little girl. She's absolutely perfect and I sometimes can't believe that I'm lucky enough to be her mommy.