Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy birthday, Oliver!

It's my baby boy's 6th birthday!

Five years ago, I picked up my little angel from the humane shelter; he was one year old and had been returned by previous owners because they were going to have a baby. My reaction to hearing that: What losers! Why did you get a dog if you don't love it unconditionally? I bet they're horrible parents.

Okay, that's kind of mean. But poor Oliver had some abandonment issues and, sometimes, (like when he got scared of Adam taking off his belt too quickly) I fear that he was hurt by those people. Let's just say it ANGERS me.

However, Oliver is my little love-muffin, and I'm so glad to have him in my life. He makes me happy, and he taught me that I could still love people even when the world seemed bleak. I only hope that I make Oliver feel as loved and cherished as he does for me. I certainly try hard!

Oliver has loved getting a daddy....and I know he can't wait to be a big brother. He's my fluffy ball of sweetness, and I simply love him to bits! From his chocolate eyes, to his Muppet feet, through the tip his fluffy tail...I love my little bundle of grey-black fur. He is my darling and I'd do anything for him. Dogs are the BEST, and my boy is the best of the BEST!

Here are some super-cute pictures!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Inn at Warner Hall

Adam and I treated ourselves to a little mini-vacation at the beginning of August. July was a bunch of fun, but felt like visit, upon visit, upon visit. After the stress of our almost-house, too, we just wanted to get away and recharge before the school year started. So, we looked all around [considering beaches, wine country, Italy (more wishful than anything), England (to see Kate's dress on display at Buckingham Palace!), and more]. We decided it would be easiest to go somewhere not that far away and to take Mr. Oliver with us. So we looked at Bed & Breakfast establishments on the Eastern Shore of VA and around Newport News/Virginia Beach. The Inn at Warner House stood out to us--it was gorgeous, pet-friendly, and a little bit historic too. We contacted their owners, and they got right back to us with which rooms were pet-friendly--plus there was a Summertime Special of "Stay two nights, get the third night free" so we jumped! And we made the right decision! :)

It was a beautiful place--and I strongly recommend that everyone just go there sometime. We did some biking and kayaking, but we also did a lot of relaxing in a hammock and general lazing around. The house was originally built by George Washington's great-grandfather, and a nationally-protected graveyard on the property contains ancestors of George Washington, Robert E. Lee, and Queen Elizabeth II. Awesome! Plus, the refurbished Inn has gorgeous, spacious rooms with fabulous bathrooms and all the amenities you could ever want. Hungry, too? The Inn has a gourmet chef (who lives next door) who prepares supper baskets and lunch boxes Sunday-Thursday and does grand meals on Friday and Saturday. And his food is phenomenal! Overall, this place surpassed our expectations and was just what we needed. Go visit!!!! We're certainly planning a return visit! These pictures won't do it justice, but I'll try. :)

In the car, ready to head out...

Welcome to Warner Hall!

Total beauty!

Back of the Inn

Our awesome rocked!

Shot of the front of our room

And of the bed section of the room

Artistic shot

Relaxing on the hammock--the beagle there was one of the house dogs, Martha

Standing on the dock

Oliver LOVED running around!

Ah, relaxation!

Totally cute!

Standing on the dock

A half bottle of a fabulous Cab Sauv that Adam bought in 2006; glad we got to enjoy it!

Our picnic basket

Oohhh, the menu makes my mouth water!

When we came in, who was sitting on the bed like he owned it? Oliver, of course!

Some of the pretty trees and flowers on property

Some of the pretty flowers

Backyard view from the graveyard

These gravestones are some of Queen Elizabeth II's ancestors!

What a lovely old graveyard (and on the Historic registry)

Graveyard entrance

Chess set!

By the old well

Chess set, from eye level

Snuggling on the couch with a fireplace....YAY!

See the Tractor mailbox there on the right? I thought it was hilarious.

A pretty whoosh shot through the woods.

Adam's grandparents' home (a while ago)

Adam in front of Bill's Seafood

Yummy hushpuppies....they tasted more like cake donuts and didn't have onions. :)

Doing my best Princess Catherine...

Picture perfect bike riding!

Me, in front of Warner Hall

Posing in the backyard of Warner Hall

An old Yorktown house

Adam and Oliver in a Yorktown garden

Yorktown monument, celebrating America's independence

See says "His Excellency George Washington" So, we really fought the Revolutionary War to get rid of kings? Puh-lease.

A sign explaining the Yorktown monument

A funny little statue

Pocahontas statue

Smiles while hiking

My dashing dinner date

At dinner in Warner Hall

We found pineapples all over--it was like an episode of Psych!

What does this mean?? "The grass always seems greener over the Satan tank" ???

The other side of the church sign wasn't as nuts.

Bike/graveyard shot--very retro!

I led the way for a bit.

Adam with bike

Cathy with bike

Look at the rascal trying to feel the super-soft sheets!

Perfect day!

toes + Adam = :)

Just one of the yummy breakfasts we had.

Sunrise on the porch (Adam got up early to take this shot....I slept in)