Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Third anniversary

A lot can occur in three years. Witness:

Three years ago, I felt like the most gorgeous being on earth. Lots of smiles and love all around. People were taking hundreds of photos of ME! (I admit to loving pictures of's a flaw, but a flaw that I embrace.)

Two years ago, Adam and I had a lovely dinner out earlier and, on the day of, ate a homecooked meal at home and watched tv. It was relaxing and romantic.

One year ago, I was as big as a house and we were busy setting up our new house. We still found time to throw together a meal and get an ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery!

This year, who knows what we'll do. It all depends on whether Latham will actually let us have an anniversary celebration. But it is simply wonderful to have little Latham in our lives, showing the product (literally) of our love. He woke us up early so that he could wish us a happy anniversary!  :)

I love my husband so much. He puts up with A LOT, and he's always cheerful, hardworking, optimistic, forgiving, intelligent, and kind. He's absolutely the best daddy and partner. I'm stunned almost every day that he chose me. But I do bring a bit to the table (and not just pictures of myself...). I can't wait to have three x three-cubed x three-thrice-cubed more anniversaries with you, sweetie!   :)

PS--I like how the pictures devolve from super dressed up (wedding) to looking fancy (1st anniversary) to trying to look nice in maternity clothes (2nd anniversary) to we've-given-up-completely-and-are-in-our-jammies (current). It's honest.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tough Winter?

I can't decide whether it's been a tough winter or a great one. I suppose the two aren't mutually exclusive. Latham has been growing, exploring, cruising, etc like a wild man. When I put lotion on him or change him, I can't believe how BIG he is. Yes, he still has a tiny body. But, ohmygoodness, he's gotten so much bigger than his birth day. And when I see him walking (albeit holding on to someone or something), I just can't believe how much he's changed over the first 11 months of his life.

But this has been a tough winter. Working, no family nearby (though both sets of grandparents will be coming for Latham's birthday in April!), and trying to always present an entertaining, educational, fun atomsphere for the little man. Not to mention Adam and I keeping each other sane and happy. Though I don't know if that's work or just smart.

I often feel like a failure. So much stuff to do and so little time to do it. I really miss the luxury of having family nearby. I find myself inordinately jealous of my sister (has two kids and lives 2 hours from my parents) and sister-in-law (pregnant with their first and 2 hours from BOTH her parents and my in-laws). Ugh. I know I shouldn't be jealous--and that's there's no use being jealous. But still. I am.

I am grateful for our church family, many of whom have watched Latham. And for other friends in Harrisonburg. And for other mom-friends in H'burg who also don't have family nearby and inspire me with their strength.

Anyway, I can't wait for it to get warm and nice, so I can go outside with Latham. Maybe the fresh air and sunshine will make me happier and will make me feel less like a failure and more like a person who has it all together. I am excited about planning/implementing Latham's First Birthday party---Disney style!

And I am so in love with my little man. Enjoy the pictures of my little ray of sunshine.

Oh, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Double boo.