Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Anniversary Present and Family Photos

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in April! Wowsers!

 They were going to be in Virginia for Latham's birthday (and were bringing my niece and nephew to VA too), so my brother, sister, and I decided to gift them a photo shoot for themselves and their three grandchildren. The wonderful Jennifer Kline was patient and worked really hard to get excellent pictures of all of them--especially two squirmy toddlers! Thank you EJC Arboretum at JMU for the viewscapes!

 My beautiful niece, Eva!

 My handsome nephew, Ethan!

 Sweet Latham!

 Yay! Everyone is looking at the camera!


 Kissing cousins.  :)

It was a fun day! Adam's parents were also there, so Latham got to have a couple of pictures with all four of his grandparents. Since Adam's family is from Alabama and mine is from Indiana (and we live in Virginia), Latham has only ever seen all four of his grandparents together one other time. We're so glad we could take this picture.

And, because I'm a picture fiend, we also got some pictures of our little family-of-three. This was this year's May Family Photo Shoot.  :)

 I can't decide what "kissing photo" I like the best. I'm lucky to have two great guys who love me.  :)

And, I'm lucky to be able to see my parents' dedicated love, as well as to see my in-laws' example of devotion to one another.  I guess it's just a love fest for the Copelands/Bloses/Bulls! I hope you all enjoyed these spring pictures!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beach Vacay

We went to the beach in July! Latham had never been to a beach before, so we weren't sure how he would do. We went to Southport, NC and stayed with my cousins Janet, Paul, Carleen, and Max. They were such gracious hosts and really spoiled us while we were there. The best part, though, was how much Latham LOVED the ocean. We're going to have visit the beach MUCH more often!!