Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Spiderman-PumpItUp-4th Birthday Party

Latham chose to have his birthday party at PumpItUp (a local inflatable jumping place, very popular with his age group) this year. A ton of his friends showed up, and they jumped until they could jump no more. The little kids (like Gwendolyn) played in the ball pit. The parents and grandparents tried some of the wild activities, but also just chatted, content that our kids were getting some energy out.

Here's Latham's whole class squished into a booth.
After the jumping, we went into the party room and had pizza and fruit and snacks...and cupcakes, of course. There wasn't a huge theme for his party, but every time I would ask what he wanted, he would say "Spiderman." Hence, the cupcakes...

 Latham loved having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to him.

It was a great birthday!  :) Happy birthday to my big four-year-old!!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy First Birthday to Gwendolyn!

My little princess turned one!

Her smile charms all who see it. She waves like a royal princess and giggles delightfully.

Her stats:
She was born at 9 lbs, 5 oz and now was 20 lbs, 5 oz!
Her head was 14 inches, and now it's17.25 inches!
She was 20 inches long, and now she's 29.50 inches tall!

Wow--she's gained 11 lbs, 9.5 inches, and is standing (almost walking), and communicating. It's wild how much growth happens the first year!

 She loves her daddy.

Her brother...

And her mommy...

And everyone loves her too.

This little girl is an absolute dream. She sleeps well at night! She eats very well--loves her finger food especially beans, chicken, tomatoes, strawberries, peanut butter, and hard-boiled eggs. She still nurses from me, which I appreciate. And she likes to cuddle into us, which just makes me feel warm and happy inside. We're so lucky to have her in our life.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Latham is FOUR!

My firstborn is now a four-year-old and, according to him, he's "all growed up." He's had a wild year, for sure. He's become a big brother and traded in his only child status to be the oldest child. He's an absolutely splendid big brother and simply adores his "Baby Gwendon." She idolizes him. It's delightful to see them together.

Here's a compilation of some shots through the year. We had a busy time---visiting Virginia Beach, visiting family, visiting the White House, snowstorms, celebrations, and more. Latham amazes me with how quickly he learns and how creative his mind is. He's always active and interested in the world. And he's quite the little ham; this guy might just be meant for the stage or the presidency or whatever he decides will allow him to be the center of attention and still allow him to be wacky.  :)

I'm so thankful for my not-so-little-anymore Latham. Keep smiling and being silly!