Thursday, June 20, 2013

I made it!

I went a whole week without seeing my Latham or Adam. I went to the AP reading in Louisville. I was pretty grueling work (read: no sleeping in here!) but I did get to visit with friends and have some nice dinners out. :)

The worst, though, was being separated from my dear Latham. Adam sent me a lot of texts, pictures, updates. We Facetimed as often as we could. And, Latham, bless him...didn't seem to miss me too much. He was travelling with Daddy and had Gran as a visitor and got new toys, met a cat, danced at a wedding, and ruled the world. I guess he knew Mommy would always come back...but Mommy missed him like crazy!

So, I can do it! I can be away from him for a week. I don't have any plans for another week away though. And maybe the next week I'm away, I won't work 60+ hours!