Monday, April 13, 2020

Captain's Log, Day Twenty-One

Capt A deemed today Pirate Day, and the natives were tasked with constructing a brig, building a (safe) campfire, designing cartography to result in treasure, composing jaunty sea shanty, and swimming with crocodilians.
The natives unwittingly locked a door leading to the ballast room. Capt C cast dice to resolve who would unshackle the door. Though it required prodding, a systematic exploration occurred, and the natives achieved success.
Both captains performed multiple ship-to-ship calls, but this also meant a lapse in maintaining discipline aboard HMS Copeland. The female native donned warpaint from Capt C's stores; much scrubbing was required for her ablutions.
Afternoon sunshine and mandatory calisthenics, delicious suppertime grub, and marvelous novel ended the day on a positive note. The captains' work, though, is not yet terminated for the evening.

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